1. Choose from a huge variety of custom meal combos

2. Preorder meals and skip the line

3. Rollover meals to the following semester and save hundreds of dollars

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Get a free $15 off your first meal plan

Overpaying for lunch and dinner and settling for repetitive dining hall food will soon be things of the past.


+ Is Elevate more affordable than the dining hall?

Save $200 to $300 compared to the traditional dining hall. Our meals also rollover, so you don't lose hundreds of dollars in unused meals.

+ What meals can I eat?

Choose from a huge variety of custom meal combos from restaurants on our meal plan.

Typically save up to $2 per meal combo with elevate instead of buying items separately without meal plan.

+ Is Elevate a good value?

Yup! We negotiate with restaurants to give you the best possible price when using The Collegetown Meal Plan. Prices start at $9.62 per meal, saving you up to $2 per meal combo

+ Is Elevate associated with an official school meal plan?

Nope - we're the only meal plan you can use at Collegetown restaurants.

+ Give me a quick summary of Elevate

  • Eat high quality meals from Collegetown restaurants.
  • Order ahead and pickup, skipping long lines.
  • No need to carry credit cards or cash with our app.
  • Save hundreds of dollars by rolling over unused meals.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back for any unused meals.
The Elevate Meal Plan has been the most convenient and straightforward meal plan I’ve ever experienced. Huge selection of food and easy ordering, at an affordable price, make the semester a lot less stressful.
— Kareem El-Ghazawi

Get a free $15 off your first meal plan

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