Elevate vs. Michigan Dining: Which Meal Plan is Better?
Fall 2019 Guide For Michigan Students
Below is a comparison between Elevate and traditional dining halls in terms of food options, cost, and convenience.
Food Options
  • Elevate allows students to use meal swipes at restaurants right off-campus. Students can pick up food of almost any type of cuisine.
  • Each restaurant offers an extensive menu of Elevate options.
Michigan Dining
  • Traditional meal plans are limited to what's being served in dining halls.
Tropical Smoothie
Belly Deli
South Quad via foursquare.com
Bursely Dining Hall via foursquare.com
Advantage: Elevate

Cost Per Meal
  • Elevate saves students up to 20% at restaurants. This is possible because restaurants are willing to give discounts to attract students away from dining halls.
  • Elevate also costs significantly less than a Michigan dining plan.
Michigan Dining
  • More expensive than Elevate plans. Students are also required to purchase dining dollars with Michigan dining plans.
Price Per Meal Comparison
Meals Purchased Elevate Michigan Dining
75-80 Meals $9.79 / meal $11.05 / meal
45-55 Meals $10.04 / meal $12.10 / meal
Advantage: Elevate
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Rollover Meals
  • Elevate meals rollover until students graduate, so students never lose unused meals.
Michigan Dining
  • Michigan Dining meal swipes expire at the end of each semester if they aren't used.
Every year families waste thousands of dollars in unused swipes at dining halls. Drag slider based on how many meals you had leftover last semester to see how much you can save with Elevate.
0 Meals
5 Meals
10 Meals
15 Meals
20 Meals
25 Meals
30 Meals
35 Meals
40 Meals
45 Meals
50 Meals
Total Saved With Elevate: $
Advantage: Elevate

  • Elevate offers advance ordering to skip the line.
  • Use Elevate anytime restaurants are open, including late at night.
Michigan Dining
  • Limited hours during the evenings and holidays.
  • No advance ordering.
Advantage: Elevate

  • Elevate's savings alone is enough to make the switch worthwhile, and the added benefits of advance ordering and rollover meals make Elevate a no-brainer.
  • Elevate has become a must-have for students, serving more than 100,000 meals to students in the last year, and now operating at 10 schools nationwide. Elevate launched at Michigan in August of 2017.
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