Why We're different

1. Choose from a huge variety of custom meal combos

2. Preorder meals and skip the line

3. Rollover meals to the following semester and save hundreds of dollars

FSU Restaurants

Get a free $15 off your first meal plan

Overpaying for lunch and dinner and settling for mediocre dining hall food will soon be things of the past.


Common Questions

+ Is Elevate a good value?

Yup! We negotiate with restaurants to give you the best possible price when using The Elevate Meal Plan. Save up to $2 per meal combo with Elevate.

+ Is Elevate associated with an official school meal plan?

Nope - we're the only meal plan you can use at off-campus restaurants.

+ What if I don't use all my meals?

Unlike the FSU dining hall, your meals will rollover to the next semester, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars.

+ Why get Elevate instead of paying on my own?

Elevate saves you up to $2 per meal combo. You can order ahead at most restaurants, skip the line, and leave your wallet/cash at home.

Finally, Elevate assures that "food money" is being spent on food, which parents appreciate.

The Elevate Meal Plan has been the most convenient and straightforward meal plan I’ve ever experienced. Huge selection of food and easy ordering, at an affordable price, make the semester a lot less stressful.
— Kareem El-Ghazawi

Get a free $15 off your first meal plan

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