Choose from hundreds of tasty meals from nearby FSU off-campus restaurants, order ahead for pickup with our app, and rollover any unused meals to the next semester. Upgrade your meal plan with Elevate! 


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With first meal plan. Overpaying for lunch and dinner and settling for mediocre dining hall food will soon be things of the past.

The Elevate Meal Plan has been the most convenient and straightforward meal plan I’ve ever experienced. Huge selection of food and easy ordering, at an affordable price, make the semester a lot less stressful.
— Kareem El-Ghazawi
I absolutely love The Elevate Meal Plan. The restaurant selection is awesome and it is extremely easy to order on the app. It is especially useful when I am in a rush and can “Order in Advance” to pick up food on my way to class from my apartment.
— Nicole Cantarelli
I loved having the Elevate Meal Plan because it was easy and convenient. I loved being able to order ahead of time and have it be ready when I come to pick it up. It’s also great for dining in when you go out to eat with friends. The Elevate Meal Plan has a great variety of restaurants and I never got bored of my options!
— Kelsey Bowman
Much better value than ordering a meal plan through the school, and the convenience is hard to beat.
— Jack Sheridan



preorder and pickup

Order meals directly from your phone. Enjoy a few minutes later with super easy pickup.

sAve meals for next year

Our meals rollover to the next semester, saving students hundreds of dollars. It's unfair to charge you for unused meals, so we don't do it. 

freshly made by local restaurants

Don't settle for mediocre dining hall food. Choose from hundreds of meals each day from nearby restaurants. We negotiate on your behalf so you get a great value for each meal



+ Is Elevate a good value?

Yup! We negotiate with restaurants to give you the best possible price when using The Elevate Meal Plan.

+ Is Elevate associated with an official school meal plan?

Nope - we're the only meal plan you can use at off-campus restaurants.

+ Give me a quick summary of Elevate

  • Eat high quality meals from nearby restaurants.
  • Order ahead and pickup, skipping long lines.
  • No need to carry credit cards or cash with our app.
  • Save hundreds of dollars by rolling over unused meals.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back for any unused meals.

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