Reviews of Elevate Meal Plan

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We asked our customers to send us reviews of their experience using Elevate. We’re sharing the results here so you can see what our users think of the service!

I love Elevate
It is amazing and so easy to use.
Elevate saves you money even though people often don't believe it. The options are way better than UVA dining. It is also nice to go out to dinner with friends but not feel pressure to spend money because you can still use your meal plan.
It's so much better than dining hall food, lots of options, and reasonably priced
It's been so easy to get good food. Very convenient, works well, and there are plenty of options
Convenience, new restaurants all the time, and easy access to good food
it's so great!!! it makes budgeting so much easier, i never have any problems ordering, i love all the restaurants and there are so many healthy options
It's easy for people who can't cook
It's so convenient and there's a great selection of places to eat and what is offered from their menus. Whenever I'm too tired to cook a meal it's perfect especially since all of the restaurants are close by.
I love being able to grab food on the way to class or go out for dinner with friends guilt free
More accessible than uva dining, better food, cheaper, more options - the list goes on and on!
It’s so easy to use and really convenient
It's super convenient for my schedule.
I find the platform super convenient, cost effective, and delicious!
It's made getting food on the corner really easy and there are a lot of options.
I love everything about it
It's so convenient and cost effective.
It's convenient and it's only got better since I started using it 2 years ago because of the addition of new restaurants.
Easy to use and better than grocery shopping or school plan
I love that I can get a wide variety of food that I enjoy and I try local restaurants that I normally wouldn't go to
Very easy to use and useful
love it, great food and easy
I like the ease of using Elevate. I can order ahead from my phone with a few clicks and pick up the food on my way home from class. Because it is really convenient and it is not expensive! Most people think it is unhealthy, but there are healthy options everywhere! I LOVE it!!!
Makes it easier
Convenient and has great options
It is easy to use and convenient
The convenience is great and I feel like I'm able to manage my spending more!
easy, good deal
Convenient way to get good food
convenient, eat at a lot of the restaurants anyways It makes meals very simple in college and lots of restaurants participate
Elevate is convenient and easy to use.
It's so convenient
I love all of the options of different restaurants when I don't have time to cook!
It's awesome
It's easy to use and good food
so convenient
Its so much easier and has better food than the UVA meal plan.
Better than on grounds and great food
It's amazing, way better than the school meal plan
Easy to use, good places
Better food than UVa meal plan, plus the convenience of the corner. Corner restaurants are much better than the dining hall.
I love the options and flexibility of Elevate!
Good accessibility
it's very good
Such good food and so convenient
It is very convenient!
Love the accessibility and the options!
Elevate is very convenient and the app works well.
So easy and so convenient
The meals are extremely delicious and easily accessible
It's convenient and easy to use.
I really like the options elevate has, because they are popular items
Elevate is so easy to use and some of the best restaurants on the corner partner with Elevate.
Food is SO much better than dining hall food
Great selection
It's so easy to use and helpful
Easy, convenient and good food options
Great selection of restaurants, good meal value
It's easy and has good food
Convenient. Great options. Way better option than the cafeteria It is extremely helpful for students who live near the corner
convenience, quality, and user-friendliness
Great food, convent
Elevate is convenient, provides good meal options
Elevate is easy to use and super convenient.
It's awesome and way better than Aramark
The food is so much better than the dining halls! The only downside is that the restaurants can get pretty busy at lunchtime which is a challenge if you have a quick turnaround between classes.
I really like the variety of choices available for meals. It is also higher quality food than what UVA Dining provides at a lower price.
Convenient and good food
Super convenient when living on the Corner
great quick service
It is convenient.
Very convenient. Good variety of restaurants and still growing.
I think all the restaurants on/around the corner are amazing and elevate provides a convenient, efficient, and cheap way to get food from such places that many students already go to anyways loved it! always had my orders correct and made on time Because it's a great variety of restaurants
its convenient
There are a lot of restaurant options and a lot of meal options within those restaurants.
easy and convenient and good options Convenience
It's so convenient, and more importantly it's GREAT food.
Convenience and good selection of food!
It's easy to use, the food is great
It's convenient and has a good range of options It's easy to use and good value relative to the other options available
It's super convenient and easy!
Great meals, better than dining hall
Easy to use and saves money
Easiness of use, flexibility of company/service, being able to order ahead, saving money
It's an awesome cost efficient way to get excellent food Good selection of meal options
good food
Elevate is AWESOME!
Thanks for providing such a great service
This is a great program! Thank you for making another option to dining hall food that actually has amazing food options
It makes sense, I know I will have food and don't have to worry about cooking
The options are good and I'm going to live near the corner so it's easy
I love it
I love it so I want it again!
It's really great
It has great food for a fair price and it conveniently located
Meal choices just get better!
i love it!!!!
When I run out of swipes I'll definitely buy more.
It's just so easy and takes the stress of cooking out of a busy week.
I'm planning on living on the Corner in the future and I want to continue supplementing my own cooking with good restaurant food It’s super easy and great
It has been a great plan that has made my semester more fun, trying out new places, and more convenient, with everything the plan offers!
I really have liked having Elevate
It's just perfect for me. I can't say enough good things. It means less money out of my bank account for the food I want every day
I really like Elevate and it's given me the opportunity to eat out much more often without feeling guilty about spending money.
I've already been using it for over 4 semesters and it's only gotten better
I like it
I love this plan
love it
it works well
it's so convenient!
It works well
It is convenient - great locations and easy
It's easy to use and swipes carry over. Also the food is better than uva dining.
It's convenient and cheap
because i use it often and will continue to use it next year I have used elevate for a year and a half it is super convenient for both me and my parents.
Good food and it's convenient
I like it
Because I like the food and how convenient it is
I use it a lot and am too lazy to cook all the time
It’s very convenient to me
Depends on living situation
It's the best
I will probably renew for next semester.
I love the convenience
Good options that are great to go eat with friends
Its just so much better than the uva plan
I have really enjoyed elevate so far, it's just really convenient for me especially with my busy schedule
Because some of my favorite restaurants are included
I'm enjoying it rather thoroughly
I really like the food and it is easy when I don't feel like cooking
Great food and location
The amount of food and the quality of that food immensely surpasses that of our dining halls
I love elevate
Might not renew to save money.
I love Elevate and will continue to use it
I've enjoyed it this far
its been great
I love elevate!
This is the easiest meal plan for where my classes are and where my apartment is.
I have been very satisfied with elevate
It's a good value
I really like the food
It's convenient
I love it
It's very convenient
Because I live literally right on the corner and Elevate is the quickest food option for me because I can't take that much time away from my studies.
I enjoyed it this semester
It's dank
I have enjoyed using Elevate
i enjoy the food that this meal plan offers
Because I like elevate
Elevate is convenient and has better options than the dining halls. I don't cook much for myself, especially for lunch, so this is the best option for me.
i like to have options about where i can eat and it's convenient to have meal choices on and off campus
I really love to cook so I need to figure out if it's worth it for me to buy a significant meal plan.
I liked the food, the convenience, and the price
It's easy
It is a good option for me
I've liked it this year
I really enjoy the service
Love the meal plan, hoping for more choices though
I think eating in the corner while living off campus is more convenient than going to dining halls.
It has helped me a lot when I am busy at school
Its been amazing!
I like the convenience of ordering ahead Because it's super convenient and I don't have to pay for it out of my pocket lol
It has been great and I want to continue using the service.
Easy to use and convenient
This is a great meal plan and I've loved having it so far
I enjoy mine a lot, keeps me eating
Great service