Elevate Meal Plan Reviews

Before I purchased my meal plan, I would’ve never thought of going to certain places to eat because I didn’t want to spend money or wait in a long line. Now, with a few taps on my phone, I can simply place an order while sitting in class and have it be waiting for me by the time I get to wherever it is I am going. I have enjoyed every minute of using this meal plan and would for sure recommend trying it out.
— Henrik P
Much better value than ordering a meal plan through the school, and the convenience is hard to beat.
— Jack S
The Elevate Meal Plan has been the most convenient and straightforward meal plan I’ve ever experienced. Huge selection of food and easy ordering, at an affordable price, make the semester a lot less stressful.
— Kareem E
I absolutely love The Elevate Meal Plan. The restaurant selection is awesome and it is extremely easy to order on the app. It is especially useful when I am in a rush and can “Order in Advance” to pick up food on my way to class from my apartment.
— Nicole C
I loved having the Elevate Meal Plan because it was easy and convenient. I loved being able to order ahead of time and have it be ready when I come to pick it up. It’s also great for dining in when you go out to eat with friends. The Elevate Meal Plan has a great variety of restaurants and I never got bored of my options!
— Kelsey B
If you live in Collegetown or even just hang out around Collegetown on a regular basis, Cornell Elevate is the meal plan for you! Just think about all the hours you spend grinding away at eHub or in a study lounge - having restaurant quality food prepared for you through your phone sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? That is the beauty of Elevate! No need to hike up and down the hills to eat at the same old overpriced dining halls every day.
— Christine K
If you’re living off campus you can’t go wrong with Elevate. You gain access to higher quality food on the corner that’s cheaper than a school mean plan. It’s on the corner too so you can get food that closer to off campus housing.
— Misran D
If you’re a second year or older at UVa, Elevate is for you. Elevate is cheaper per meal than UVa’s meal plan, and restaurants on the Corner are making your food, not a dining hall; that means whenever those restaurants are open, so is Elevate! Better food, better hours, better prices, what’s not to love?
— Chris B
Elevate has completely changed my dining experience at UVA for the better! Elevate has so many different meal and restaurant options as well as longer hours than on grounds dining halls. Being able to pick up meals on the corner is extremely convenient, especially for those living off grounds. I would highly recommend Elevate to any second, third, or fourth year student looking for a more diverse and cheaper meal plan.
— Kate G
I would recommend Elevate to any UVA student! The restaurants on the Elevate Meal Plan are far better than any of the UVA dining halls, and the advanced order feature on the Elevate app makes it super convenient for students living off-grounds.
— Ryan P