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"I really love Elevate because it’s so convenient! I’m able to grab my favorite meals from some of the best places on campus in between classes, clubs, or whenever I just want to eat. I also like that you can pre-order food so that it’s ready for you when you arrive at the restaurant!"

Akshada C, Rutgers University

"I have enjoyed using Elevate. As a student that is vegan, dining hall options are very limited. Having restaurants that I can conveniently order from my phone and pick up after class has been nice."

Angelica Cuddy, Rutgers University

"The food is tasty. The advance ordering option is efficient and convenient. The rewards at the different locations are super fun!"

Claire Watson, University of Virginia

"Elevate has been a great meal plan for me because it provides a wide variety of restaurants that are all relatively close to FSU’s campus. I also love the fact that you can order your meal in advance so that it is ready for pickup when you get to the restaurant."

Eddie Burnham, Florida State University

"Elevate has all of my favorite restaurants on campus and is a great option for eating on the go! The interface is super easy to use and I love how my meals roll over at the end of each semester. 10/10 best meal plan on campus!"

Maddie Springer, University of Michigan

"Elevate allows for a wide variety of local cuisines which is substantially better quality and even a couple dollars cheaper per meal swipe than my school-affiliated meal plan. Elevate has awesome features like quick online ordering which is very convenient when having a messy college schedule."

James Gabel, University of Pittsburgh

"The elevate meal plan has been a great option for me because it offers a large variety of food that wouldn’t be available with dining halls. Ordering food in advance and being able to pick it up on the go has been very convenient for my busy schedule. The fact that my swipes don’t expire until I graduate is just another reason why I prefer Elevate to a typical meal plan!"

Eleanor Baxter, University of Pittsburgh

"Elevate is great because I'm able to buy my swipes at the beginning of each month, and then don't have to worry about budgeting for food! Then I know I'll be able to eat at my favorite restaurants and not stress out later.

Ana Goddard, University of Virginia

Ratings and reviews

387 reviews
Rafel Al Ghrary
Verified Elevate customer
Saves you money on Franklin. Would recommend to any student who loves to eat out.
Arjun Ganesh
Verified Elevate customer
Quick and easy way to prepay my meals. Financially, budget your meal plan could not be easier!
Kevin Jennings
Verified Elevate customer
Picking up food made easy! I love it and the restaurants love it.
j. crosby martin
Verified Elevate customer
Ordering is easy and you get discounts on meals. The portion sizes are always more than I can eat in one sitting. Wish I’d known about this freshman year!
Ian Herdegen
Verified Elevate customer
My roomates are always asking me “Why are you always bringing home takeout!?” I tell them, it’s the Elevate Meal Plan!
Robbie Elliott
Verified Elevate customer
Meals can be bought easily through the app. The meals I have been able to get are cheaper than if I bought them without Elevate! Excited for more restaurant options to become available.
Sam Schilling
Verified Elevate customer
Loved using the Elevate App this past semester. Easy, affordable, and convenient.
Evan Luellen
Verified Elevate customer
Love the plan
Verified Elevate customer
Love elevate and its convenience. Super easy to use as well, especially the order ahead options.
Tyler Windsor
Verified Elevate customer
Just switched and am glad I did! Super convenient and completely worth it! Would highly recommend!
Emily Hunter
Verified Elevate customer
It’s the meal plan every UVA student wants. You can eat from your favorite restaurants!
Grace Seymour
Verified Elevate customer
It’s great and convenient! You don’t have to worry about what you are eating
Joseph Lockwood
Verified Elevate customer
It’s a very convenient way to get food and comes at a good value. It’s cheaper than University meal swipes and has better food in general. Allows you to try new food options as well.
Timour Abduhalikov
Verified Elevate customer
It's so nice to be able to pick up food from real restaurants, rather than what you can find in a dining hall. It's like dining hall, though with real restuarants and good food/
Evelyn Saunders
Verified Elevate customer
It's great, convenient food! Always makes my week better!
William Clawson
Verified Elevate customer
It's amazingly convenient, especially when you're on a tight schedule. Cooking meals yourself can take such a long time and the elevate meal can make dinner so much easier to get.
Helen Dawson
Verified Elevate customer
It's a super convenient plan and a great value. After trying it, I have renewed it every semester. You won't regret the investment!
Katharine Moore
Verified Elevate customer
It's a great system! Elevate is convenient, your options are easy to choose from, you can order take-away, and lower price options are offered for many different stores. I'd recommend to anyone who wants better food than the UVA food system provides (for cheaper!)
Jacqueline Pluta
Verified Elevate customer
It offers a lot of options. You also get a good amount of food for one meal. I recommend!
Claire Duff
Verified Elevate customer
It it really convenient for a college student

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