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The Off-Campus Meal Plan for Pittsburgh Students

Stop settling for mediocre food and overpriced meals. Instead, start enjoying the many benefits of Elevate. Order in advance and pick up with safe, contact-free pick up.

Order in advance and pick up

  • Safe, contactless pick up
  • Order from your phone

Exclusive restaurant discounts

  • Save up to 50%
  • Loyalty programs

Rollover unused meals

  • $250+/year savings
  • No waste

Use credits to order meals

  • Meals vary between .25 and 2 meal credits
How it works

Why we're different

We've made it our goal to improve the dining experience of college students and in the past four years we've proudly served over 350,000 meals to students nationwide. Overpaying for lunch and dinner, settling for subpar food, and scrambling to use up your swipes at the end of the semester will soon be things of the past.

Safe, contact-free pick up

Elevate integrates into restaurant ordering systems, allowing students to order from their phone with safe, contact-free pickup.

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Use Elevate at the best Pittsburgh restaurants

Forbes Gyro

Lotsa Pizza

JJ Poke Bowl

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The best meal plan for Pittsburgh students and parents

See how we compare side by side

  • Pricing
  • Cost/meal (105-130 meals)
  • Rollover meals
  • Pay with 529 plan
  • Cancellation policy
  • Elevate
  • $9.62
  • Yes, saving $250+/semester
  • Yes
  • Cancel anytime, no fee
  • Pitt Dining
  • $10.76
  • No, meals expire each semester
  • Yes
  • Must cancel 2 weeks into semester
  • Quality
  • Total dining opitons
  • Customization
  • Options available
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Elevate
  • 16 restaurants
  • Yes, meals made to order
  • 1000+
  • Many vegan, vegetarian, GF meals
  • Pitt Dining
  • 1 main dining hall
  • No, buffet style
  • Limited to dining halls
  • Limited availability
  • Convenience
  • Hours
  • Availability on breaks
  • Advance order
  • Elevate
  • Meals offered 24/7
  • Yes, open on breaks
  • Yes, with Elevate's app
  • Pitt Dining
  • Dining halls close at 9PM
  • Limited hours on breaks
  • No

"I really like Elevate- it has been a game-changer since I switched from university meal plans. I’m an adventurous eater, and the university meal plan did not have enough variety or flavor to be worthwhile"

Kieran McMahan, Junior

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Nellie Abdulnour, Nellie's Owner

Support local restaurants

Elevate partners almost exclusively with independently owned local restaurants. Each Elevate meal you use will directly support small business owners.

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