Use your meal plan right off-campus in downtown Athens.
Our meals don't expire until you graduate.
How Elevate Works
Purchase our meal plan and use swipes at restaurants instead of dining halls
1. Rollover unused meals
Our meals don't expire until you graduate, saving you hundreds of dollars when you have unused meals.
2. Skip lines
You can order on our app and pick up (or dine-in).
3. Save money
We aim to be less expensive than dining hall plans. Plus, restaurants regularly offer additional savings, making Elevate more affordable than eating out on your own.
Use Elevate at the best Athens restaurants
DP Dough, Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Pita Pit, Burgerim, Bubble Cafe, E3 Thai & more
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I place an order?

There are two ways to order with the Elevate mobile app and most restaurants offer both options!

Advance Order - Submit your order on the app and pick up about 15 minutes later. Just tell the restaurant your name and that you are picking up with Elevate.

In Restaurant - Wait in line or sit down at the restaurant (let the restaurant staff know you ordered). When it's time to pay, submit your order and tell the cashier or waitstaff you are paying with Elevate.

+ Is Elevate cost effective?

Absolutely! We aim to be less expnsive than any dining hall when the cost per meal is calculated.

We've negotiated discounts with all of our restaurants to offer you lower prices per meal with the Elevate plan than if you purchase the same meals individually. Your savings will vary slightly depending on which restaurant you're eating at and which meal plan you choose.

+ Am I restricted when I can use my plan?

Almost never! Anytime the restaurant is open, you can use your Elevate meal plan. At certain restaurants you may not be able to redeem meals on sports game days.

+ Is Elevate only for take out?

It's also for dine-in! If you choose to dine in we just encourage you to tip your server. Anything you choose to buy outside of the Elevate menu will need be purchased separately at the restaurant (i.e. alcohol).

+ What meals can I eat at the restaurants?

We work with restaurants to create unique Elevate meal combos. Check out the menus section of our website to view which combos are offered at your school.

+ What if I don't use all my meals?

Unlike traditional meal plans, your swipes roll over until you graduate.

+ Do I get any special deals?

On top of the built in discount, restaurants will also post weekly deals to encourage orders at their off-hours. For instance, a restauant might offer a free drink if you eat Monday.

+ Can I use more than one swipe at a time?

Yep! Stocking up before an exam or swiping in friends are possible options.

+ Can I use my plan for alcohol?

Sorry! None of the elevate meals include alchohol because parents appreicate knowing their money is going towards food.

See what students think of Elevate
Since launching in 2015, we've been working nonstop to create the best possible meal plan for students living off-campus.
✅ Verified Elevate User Sam W.
I love all of the options of different restaurants when I don't have time to cook!
✅ Verified Elevate User Alex S.
Most people think it is unhealthy, but there are healthy options everywhere! I LOVE it!!!
✅ Verified Elevate User Sara E.
It's amazing, way better than the school meal plan.
✅ Verified Elevate User Becca R.
The convenience is great and I feel like I'm able to manage my spending more!
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