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Richmond's Off-Campus Meal Plan
By partnering with restaurants, we offer a new & improved meal plan experience
We've served 150,000 meals at 7 universities
Meals rollover until you graduate
Discounts & rewards
Order in advance
In the press
“Elevate's a better deal per meal than the University Meal Plan with arguably much better food.”
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“Elevate Meal Plan is probably the most ingenious and affordable alternative to a school meal plan.”
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“Elevate is changing the game for students searching for a cost-effective meal plan.”
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How Elevate Works
Use meal swipes at restaurants instead of dining halls

Unlike the dining hall, meal swipes rollover until you graduate.

Order on the go and pick up
(or dine-in) when you arrive.

Get exclusive discounts and rewards at restaurants.
Tasty And Convenient
Richmond, Va
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Fall 2019 Meal Plans Avalable Now!
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Dining hall plans expire each semester
We think that's unfair
Meals automatically rollover
Unlike the dining hall our meal swipes don't expire until you graduate, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.
Exclusive discounts
To attract your business restaurants typically offer an even higher value on Elevate than their normal menu.
Built for your busy schedule
Order in advance
Use our mobile web app to order ahead. With one tap you can order on the go and pick up on your way to class!
No card or cash required
All you need is your phone! Elevate meals are ordered and paid for exclusively with the Elevate app.
Join thousands of students who use Elevate!
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