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Join The Off-Campus Meal Plan at UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, Michigan, Cornell, Tallahassee, and SC4

Our guarantee: we're so sure students and parents will love Elevate that if for any reason you’re unhappy we’ll refund your remaining meals with no fees whatsoever. See if your college will do that!

Plus, unlike most dining plans, your purchased meals won’t expire until you graduate.

Seth & Josh
Co-founders, Elevate Meal Plan 


Enjoy Local Restaurants

Get a meal plan between 15 and 105 meals. Choose from hundreds of meal combos every day


Order On The Go, Pickup When You Arrive (Or Eat In)

Enjoy a few minutes later with super easy meal pickup


Rollover Unused Meals

Don't lose hundreds of dollars when your traditional dining hall meals expire at the end of the semester


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Eat Healthy On The Go

With everything from healthy salads to late-night pizza, Elevate offers hundreds of options every day.


Leave Your Wallet At Home

With our app, there's no need to carry a credit card or cash. It's the most convenient way to pay for lunch.

I’ve really enjoyed having Elevate this past semester - it’s been a great option, especially when I need to get a quick lunch without going too far or all the way home. I love that quality meals are almost always available!