How does Elevate work?

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Purchase your meal plan.


Order from thousands of restaurant menu options.


Skip the line and pick up.

Rollover meals

Save $250+ each semester

Order in advance

Skip the line & pick up

Exclusive discounts

Earn rewards as you eat

A fair value

Get what you pay for

Students have ordered 1,500,000 meals through Elevate since 2015

"I love how my meals roll over at the end of each semester. 10/10 best meal plan!"

Maddie Springer

Schedule flexibility

Unlike the strict operating hours enforced by on-campus dining halls, many Elevate restaurants operate 24/7, so students aren't missing meals to keep up with busy schedules.

Freedom of choice

Our plan gives students the freedom to choose what, where, and when they eat, as opposed to having a few limited options at dining halls.

100% value

Traditional college dining plans rely on students missing up to 25% of the meals already paid for, costing students $250+/semester. That's profitable for colleges, but costly for you. Because Elevate meals rollover until graduation there are no missed meals or wasted dollars.

How does Elevate compare to dining halls?

Dining halls

Rollover meals

Order ahead

24/7 food access

Thousands of options

Is Elevate cost effective?

Yes! Restaurants offer deals to attract your business away from dining halls.

Many meals are $1-$2 less than what you would pay without Elevate, and also less expensive than .

"It’s super great that you can save more money by buying more meals at once."
- Emma L
"Elevate is great! It’s so user friendly and saved me so much money throughout college."
- Madison G
"It saves so much money if you're always buying food on the corner, which I love!"
- Zorin V
"Elevate is a super easy, convenient way to save on restaurants that you would already probably be eating at."
- Hannah G
"Elevate is dope because I can save money on every meal and it sure does add up."
- Ivan L
"Elevate has great meal options and saves me money in the long run."
- Summer K

Advance order with contact-free pick up

Elevate integrates into restaurant ordering systems, allowing students to order from their phone with safe, contact-free pickup.

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Using Elevate is easy

What's different about Elevate

Use meal credits to order food

With everything from healthy salads, sandwiches and wraps to late night pizza, you'll never get tired of choices.

Meals are worth different credit amounts

Each meal credit is worth approximately $10 in value. You can redeem your meal swipe credits for between $2.50 and $20 depending on how hungry you are.

Value is our top priority

As a part of the Elevate meal plan you'll earn major discounts on meals - you'll be eligible for special deals only available to Elevate customers.

Add meals anytime

As a college student, flexibility is everything. Elevate meals don't expire until you graduate, so you can add meals anytime.