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Elevate brings freedom of choice to students and peace of mind to parents. Check out our customer reviews to see why Elevate is the most loved meal plan.

"I really love Elevate because it’s so convenient! I’m able to grab my favorite meals from some of the best places on campus in between classes, clubs, or whenever I just want to eat. I also like that you can pre-order food so that it’s ready for you when you arrive at the restaurant!"

Akshada C, Rutgers University

"I have enjoyed using Elevate. As a student that is vegan, dining hall options are very limited. Having restaurants that I can conveniently order from my phone and pick up after class has been nice."

Angelica Cuddy, Rutgers University

"The food is tasty. The advance ordering option is efficient and convenient. The rewards at the different locations are super fun!"

Claire Watson, University of Virginia

"Elevate has been a great meal plan for me because it provides a wide variety of restaurants that are all relatively close to FSU’s campus. I also love the fact that you can order your meal in advance so that it is ready for pickup when you get to the restaurant."

Eddie Burnham, Florida State University

"Elevate has all of my favorite restaurants on campus and is a great option for eating on the go! The interface is super easy to use and I love how my meals roll over at the end of each semester. 10/10 best meal plan on campus!"

Maddie Springer, University of Michigan

"Elevate allows for a wide variety of local cuisines which is substantially better quality and even a couple dollars cheaper per meal swipe than my school-affiliated meal plan. Elevate has awesome features like quick online ordering which is very convenient when having a messy college schedule."

James Gabel, University of Pittsburgh

"The elevate meal plan has been a great option for me because it offers a large variety of food that wouldn’t be available with dining halls. Ordering food in advance and being able to pick it up on the go has been very convenient for my busy schedule. The fact that my swipes don’t expire until I graduate is just another reason why I prefer Elevate to a typical meal plan!"

Eleanor Baxter, University of Pittsburgh

"Elevate is great because I'm able to buy my swipes at the beginning of each month, and then don't have to worry about budgeting for food! Then I know I'll be able to eat at my favorite restaurants and not stress out later.

Ana Goddard, University of Virginia

Ratings and reviews

387 reviews
George Corbin
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is the best option for a dining plan at UVA. Per meal swipe, it is cheaper than UVA meal plans, the swipes don't expire, and instead of having to plan around daily dining hall menus to get food that is okay at best, you can go to almost any restaurant on the corner and pick genuinely good food for your meal swipe.
Kristina Kortbaoui
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is an amazing alternative to the normal University dining hall plan. Elevate allows for points to roll over, and we can refill our points whenever we need to. The food is so much better than any college dining hall, and there are so many options to satisfy any cravings.
Alvaro Cordero
Verified Elevate customer
Very easy to use and has a lot of variety. The quality of food is also very much better than your college meal plan.
Amber Liller
Verified Elevate customer
This option is so amazing for the price! Having multiple restaurants and multiple items in the menu is really nice when you have cravings, or when you have no idea what to get! everyone will find something they enjoy from this!
Ian Conley
Verified Elevate customer
This is my first year using it and it’s been so good. Quick order updates and pretty good places to eat on the app
Turner DeShon
Verified Elevate customer
This elevate meal plan is a great alternative to on grounds meal plan options, especially if one lived close to the corner. The app is easy to use and it is very convenient when you’re on the go. The fact that the meals roll over across semesters make it less stressful when using up all the swipes.
David Bacdayan
Verified Elevate customer
This app is amazing. It's redefined what on-campus nutrition means to me! I highly recommend. Once you'll never look back.
Miranda Hirts
Verified Elevate customer
There are lots of options that include everything from pasta to salads to burgers. It makes it super easy if I don't have time to cook or am in a rush.
William Holey
Verified Elevate customer
The reason I joined elevate is because it takes away all the hassle of having to go to the restuarant, order and then wait. It makes everything faster and it is honestly guilt free because the meals are a sunk cost.m
Caroline Mangels
Verified Elevate customer
The plan is a great cost value (similar to eating out or dining halls) but the food is way better! It’s an awesome way to try out different restaurants and different kinds of food.
Jacob Bayer
Verified Elevate customer
The meal plans are great for their value. The app is really easy to use, and I haven't had any problems at all ordering from restaurants.
Mannat Narang
Verified Elevate customer
the elevate plan is definitely work the money because of the options it offers. I also like how broad the choices are.
Sarah Hetherington
Verified Elevate customer
The elevate meal plan is so convenient when you’re on the go, and all the food options are so good! There are so many restaurants to choose from, I really like the variety!
Abigail Nita
Verified Elevate customer
The elevate meal plan has made a tough semester ten times easier. I can run and grab a meal quickly between classes and there's such a variety in what you can eat, it's hard to grow sick of eating out!
Samantha Asefi
Verified Elevate customer
the Elevate app is really convenient to use and the restaurant options are copious. I love the great service when something on the app goes wrong!
Deb Lacey
Verified Elevate customer
The Elevate app is a super easy way for me to enjoy the restaurants and food I love, without waiting in line. The combos are a great deal and I get to choose my favorites or try someplace new.
Dean Heflin
Verified Elevate customer
Super convenient.
Jared Finsterbusch
Verified Elevate customer
Super convenient and tons of options for whatever kind of food you want!
Quinn Glovier
Verified Elevate customer
Super awesome for anyone living by the Corner/Grounds; there are so many restaurants to choose from and any unused meals roll into next semester so youre not losing money
Hannah Morrison
Verified Elevate customer
Such a great idea! Combines all the apps of different restaurants of the corner into one and makes it super convenient to order online!!! Highly recommend!

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