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"I really love Elevate because it’s so convenient! I’m able to grab my favorite meals from some of the best places on campus in between classes, clubs, or whenever I just want to eat. I also like that you can pre-order food so that it’s ready for you when you arrive at the restaurant!"

Akshada C, Rutgers University

"I have enjoyed using Elevate. As a student that is vegan, dining hall options are very limited. Having restaurants that I can conveniently order from my phone and pick up after class has been nice."

Angelica Cuddy, Rutgers University

"The food is tasty. The advance ordering option is efficient and convenient. The rewards at the different locations are super fun!"

Claire Watson, University of Virginia

"Elevate has been a great meal plan for me because it provides a wide variety of restaurants that are all relatively close to FSU’s campus. I also love the fact that you can order your meal in advance so that it is ready for pickup when you get to the restaurant."

Eddie Burnham, Florida State University

"Elevate has all of my favorite restaurants on campus and is a great option for eating on the go! The interface is super easy to use and I love how my meals roll over at the end of each semester. 10/10 best meal plan on campus!"

Maddie Springer, University of Michigan

"Elevate allows for a wide variety of local cuisines which is substantially better quality and even a couple dollars cheaper per meal swipe than my school-affiliated meal plan. Elevate has awesome features like quick online ordering which is very convenient when having a messy college schedule."

James Gabel, University of Pittsburgh

"The elevate meal plan has been a great option for me because it offers a large variety of food that wouldn’t be available with dining halls. Ordering food in advance and being able to pick it up on the go has been very convenient for my busy schedule. The fact that my swipes don’t expire until I graduate is just another reason why I prefer Elevate to a typical meal plan!"

Eleanor Baxter, University of Pittsburgh

"Elevate is great because I'm able to buy my swipes at the beginning of each month, and then don't have to worry about budgeting for food! Then I know I'll be able to eat at my favorite restaurants and not stress out later.

Ana Goddard, University of Virginia

Ratings and reviews

387 reviews
Nathan Ray
Verified Elevate customer
Aside from attending UVA, getting the Elevate meal plan is the best choice you'll ever make. It's one of the few things that seems too good to be true but actually works. It's simple, it's easy, and the food is amazing!
Maya Berger
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is a great deal. You get a lot if food for your buck. It also is cheaper than buying meals individually from the restaurants
Mia Kasper
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is a great option for students. The food is WAY better then all options offered by my school and for a much better deal.
Tucker Burhans
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is awesome. For a great price, you can go to any place in Chapel Hill and eat hassle free! It’s very easy to use and awesome when you want to get out of the house.
Ivan Loncar
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is dope because I can save money on every meal and it sure does add up. I never have to worry about what I'm going to do for dinner, there's always something new to try on the app. And I never have to time how many swipes I need to use by a certain time because meals rollover!
Julien Depeyrot
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is incredibly convenient and student friendly, especially for people living on the corner. I cannot tell you how many times it has saved me on a busy school night where I don’t have time to cook. Absolutely worth it.
Komal Kamdar
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is so much better than UVA Dining. They have so many options that support a variety of businesses around the Charlottesville community, not just on the Corner, and they have a lot of options for vegans and vegetarians too!
Emily Kasten
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is THE BEST way to have a meal plan in college! Meals roll over so money doesn’t go to waste. And you know the food you’re getting is GOOD!
Andrew Hufford
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate provides convenience to the college eating experience that simply has no competition. Some of the top restaurants in the area available at the click of a button is too good to pass up!
Jordan Althoff
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate was one of the best things I ever did! It makes life much easier when you can pick up an affordable meal on the way back from class or when you have too much work to do to make dinner. I really enjoy the new options that were put on there as well.
Katie Kirk
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate was the greatest decision I made when it came to planning out how I will eat while away at college. It's the best option for anyone living off grounds
Samantha Alto
Verified Elevate customer
I am so thankful I switched from my campus dining plan over to Elevate meal plan. The value, taste, and ease of ordering at delicious restaurants around Richmond is a phenomenal experience. Thank you Elevate!
Abby Vasquez
Verified Elevate customer
I got Elevate as I began living in off-campus housing because it gave me access to local restaurants. I was hesitant at first but quickly realized how simple, convenient, and high quality the meal plan is. The selections are great, the process of ordering and picking up is very smooth, and the plan overall has greatly improved my off-campus experience. I recommend to anyone on or off campus in need consistent meals.
Allison Chan
Verified Elevate customer
I love how convenient elevate is! It’s a much better value than the school dining plan and the food is so much better! I would highly recommend to anyone considering.
Rafel Al Ghrary
Verified Elevate customer
Saves you money on Franklin. Would recommend to any student who loves to eat out.
George Corbin
Verified Elevate customer
Elevate is the best option for a dining plan at UVA. Per meal swipe, it is cheaper than UVA meal plans, the swipes don't expire, and instead of having to plan around daily dining hall menus to get food that is okay at best, you can go to almost any restaurant on the corner and pick genuinely good food for your meal swipe.
Staci Mckean
Verified Elevate customer
A great option for those who don’t always cook. Options are constantly growing and the quality and value of the food meet the price well. I really enjoy the convenience of it.
Yashna Nainani
Verified Elevate customer
Absolutely love this meal plan. As a vegetarian, these options have been fantastic versus the on campus one, and for such a great value while supporting local businesses. Elevate team is super helpful and responsive too if something doesn't go right with your order. Would definitely recommend to any student.
Jamal Armstrong
Verified Elevate customer
Being a college student you might not have the time to prepare a meal. With elevate it makes everything a lot easier. You have a ton of great options all on the same road. I haven't had a problem with any of the staff at the restaurants, I 100% recommend.
Sydney Tuckman
Verified Elevate customer
Definitely the best option for someone who doesn’t like to cook. Super convenient and great for when I’m stressed with homework and studying.

Elevate is the best meal plan for parents, too

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