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How Elevate fundraisers work

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A purchase of just 1 meal ($10) is required to participate.


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33% of event sales will be donated back to your cause.

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Common Questions

Do participants need to already have an Elevate account to donate?

Nope! Anyone can participate in your fundraiser.

Do participants need to buy a full meal plan to donate?

Nope! People can purchase 1, 2, or 4 meals to donate to your cause ($10 - $40).

How is this different from other restaurant fundraisers?

With Elevate fundraisers, students can purchase anytime before the fundraiser deadline and use their meal at any of our restaurant partners. This makes it easier to participate and much more flexible of a program.

What restaurants can the meals be used at?

The meal credits can be used at any of our participating restaurants after purchasing. Please browse your school's restaurant partners at the menus dropdown on our site navigation.

I have more questions before applying!

Please reach out to us directly at - we'll get right back to you with answers to any questions you have!