Frequently Asked Questions


+ Is Elevate cost effective?

Absolutely! We aim to be less expnsive than any dining hall when the cost per meal is calculated.

We've negotiated discounts with all of our restaurants to offer you lower prices per meal with the Elevate plan than if you purchase the same meals individually. Your savings will vary slightly depending on which restaurant you're eating at and which meal plan you choose. Over the course of the semester you're sure to save money!

+ Is Elevate associated with an official school meal plan?

Nope - we're completely independent of any traditional school meal plan. We're the only meal plan where you can use swipes at local restaurants.

+ What meals can I eat at the restaurants?

We work with restaurants to create unique Elevate Meal Combos. Check out our Full Menu section of the website to view which combos are offered at your school.

+ What if I don't use all my meals?

Unlike traditional meal plans, your swipes roll over to the next semester.

+ Do I get any special deals?

On top of the built in discount, restaurants will also post weekly deals to encourage orders at their off-hours. For instance, a restauant might offer a free drink if you eat Monday.

+ Is this only for take out?

You can do take out at all our restaurants. If dining in is an option when you go to a restaurant and you choose to do so we'd encourage you to tip your server. Anything you choose to buy outside of the Elevate menu will need be purchased separately at the restaurant (i.e. alcohol).

+ Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! We have a mobile web app you use on your mobile web broswer to order ahead, pay for meals, and keep track of how many meals you have left on your plan.

+ How quickly will I get my meal?

It depends on the restaurant and what meal you choose! For hot meals, we recommend ordering ahead for pick up if you're in a hurry so you can grab and go.

+ Can I use more than one swipe at a time?

Yep! Stocking up before an exam or swiping in friends are possible options.

+ How do I keep track of my meals?

You'll be able to keep track of your meals with our app.

+ Can I use my plan for alcohol?

Sorry - None of the elevate meals include alchohol, but feel free to purchase a beer separately :)

+ Am I restricted when I can use my plan?

Almost never! Anytime the restaurant is open, you can use your Elevate meal plan. At certain restaurants you may not be able to redeem meals on football game days.