Elevate Handbook

Login to your Elevate account: https://app.elevatemealplan.com

The app is super easy to use from any phone’s web browser!

We highly recommend saving the app to your phone’s home-screen for easy access! Here’s a link with simple instructions.

+ How do I place an order or order in advance?

There are two ways to order with the Elevate app and most restaurants offer both options!

Advance Order - Submit your order on the app and pick up about 15 minutes later. Just tell the restaurant your name and that you are picking up with Elevate.

In Restaurant - Wait in line or sit down at the restaurant (let the restaurant staff know you ordered). When it's time to pay, submit your order and tell the cashier or waitstaff you are paying with Elevate.

+ How do I view Elevate menus?

Tap into the restaurant name and scroll down. When ordering, you choose the menu item title. Some descriptions offer multiple side choices. If this is the case, request your side in the 'meal request' text box when ordering.

+ How do I add meals?

Click "add meals" at the bottom of the page while you are logged in.

+ What if I don't use all my meals?

Unlike traditional meal plans, your swipes roll over to the next semester.

+ How quickly will I get my meal?

It depends on the restaurant and what meal you choose! For hot meals, we recommend ordering ahead for pick up if you're in a hurry so you can grab and go.

+ Can I use more than one swipe at a time?

Yep! Stocking up before an exam or swiping in friends are possible options.

+ Is Elevate only for take out?

Nope - if you choose to dine in we just encourage you to tip your server. Some restaurants may be restricted to take out but this will be noted in the app. Anything you choose to buy outside of the Elevate menu will need be purchased separately at the restaurant (i.e. alcohol).

Thank you for joining Elevate!

Have more questions? Send us an email: hello@elevatemealplan.com

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