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Brand Ambassador

UVA, UNC, VCU, Rutgers


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Why Elevate?

We’ve set out to create the meal plan that we wish existed when we were students. Our focus over the last 7 years has been fixing the biggest pain points with traditional meal plans. Some of the ways we’ve created a better meal plan include:

  • Rollover meals until graduation saving students over $200 a year
  • Mobile ordering so students can order on the go from class, bed, or wherever they might be, saving them critical time during their busy days
  • Exclusive discounts and free meals that restaurants offer to Elevate customers saving additional money

About you

You're an enthusiastic, social member of the community. You always act as a team player, yet have the drive and hustle to spread Elevate to every inch of your school.

As an Elevate Ambassador, you'll be responsible for generating brand awareness, creating awesome content & helping us to acquire new customers.

Get free food, an awesome job experience, and work with fun people at a quickly growing company! Play a major role improving the dining experience for students at your school.

Two types of Elevate Brand Ambassadors

1. Digital Ambassador
Post on social media about Instagram, help us create video and image content about Elevate that you share on your social media

2. In-Person Ambassador
Flyer, table, and help run in-person events around campus. Also, partner with organizations to run Elevate philanthropy events and more.


Weekly free meals for Digital Ambassadors
$15/hour for In-Person Ambassadors, plus weekly free meals

Plus, Elevate swag for being a part of our team.

You can be either or both a Digital Ambassador and In-Person Ambassador. You'll designate which type of brand ambassador you're applying for in the application.

Thanks for your interest - can't wait to have you on our team!

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