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Meals don't expire until you graduate 🎓
5 Meals
9.01 / meal
Total price includes meal tax
45 Meals
8.99 / meal
Total price includes meal tax
75 Meals
8.86 / meal
Total price includes meal tax
105 Meals
8.71 / meal
Total price includes meal tax
Reviews ✍️
✅ Verified Elevate User
It's so great!!! it makes budgeting so much easier, i never have any problems ordering, i love all the restaurants and there are so many healthy options
David J.
✅ Verified Elevate User
It's so much better than dining hall food, lots of options, and reasonably priced
Alex S.
✅ Verified Elevate User
It's so convenient and there's a great selection of places to eat and what is offered from their menus. Whenever I'm too tired to cook a meal it's perfect especially since all of the restaurants are close by.
Emily P.
✅ Verified Elevate User
It’s so easy to use and really convenient
Reid M.
✅ Verified Elevate User
I find the platform super convenient, cost effective, and delicious!
John A.
✅ Verified Elevate User
I like the ease of using Elevate. I can order ahead from my phone with a few clicks and pick up the food on my way home from class. Because it is really convenient and it is not expensive! Most people think it is unhealthy, but there are healthy options everywhere! I LOVE it!!!
Sara I.
✅ Verified Elevate User
It is easy to use and convenient
Courtney W.
✅ Verified Elevate User
The food is so much better than the dining halls! The only downside is that the restaurants can get pretty busy at lunchtime which is a challenge if you have a quick turnaround between classes.
Katherine E.
✅ Verified Elevate User
I really like Elevate and it's given me the opportunity to eat out much more often without feeling guilty about spending money.
Sam P.
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Common Questions
Is this a subscription?
Nope, just a pack of meals. When you run out we won't automatically charge you for more. You can add more meals anytime you need.
Will my meals expire?
Our meals don't expire until you graudate, so you can rollover any unused meals to the next semester or use them over the summer.
How do I use Elevate?
Purchase a plan & create an account to access our app. From the app you can order, track remaining meals, and add more meals.
Our 100% Guarantee ✅
We're so confident students and parents will love Elevate that if for any reason you’re unhappy we’ll refund your remaining meals with no fees whatsoever. See if your college dining plan will do that!
Plus, unlike most dining plans, your purchased meals won’t expire until you graduate.
Seth & Josh
Co-founders, Elevate Meal Plan