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Approximately 1 meal per week

$11.43 per meal


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Approximately 3 meals per week

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Approximately 5 meals per week

105 Meals

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210 Meals

Approximately 14 meals per week

315 Meals

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Approximately 21 meals per week

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Benny Capella's

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Que Chula (Take-out Only)

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Maya Berger
Elevate is a great deal. You get a lot if food for your buck. It also is cheaper than buying meals individually from the restaurants
Tucker Burhans
Elevate is awesome. For a great price, you can go to any place in Chapel Hill and eat hassle free! It’s very easy to use and awesome when you want to get out of the house.
Rafel Al Ghrary
Saves you money on Franklin. Would recommend to any student who loves to eat out.

Common Questions

How do I add meals to an existing account?

During checkout, enter the student's email used to login on the Elevate app. The meals will automatically get added to the student's existing account.

Can I purchase with a 529 plan?

Yes! Typically, you can use your Elevate receipt for reimbursement. We recommend checking with the whoever is managing your 529 account to confirm what they will need. Email us if you need to pay via check or if you have any questions.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll receive an order confirmation, and instructions to create an account where you can order using the Elevate app (available on iOs, Android, and the web).

Are Elevate plans only for one semester?

When you purchase an Elevate plan, you’re really purchasing a pack of meals. If you run out before the end of the semester you can add more anytime, and if you have extra meals at the end of the semester your meals will rollover until you graduate.