Top Franklin Street Restaurants, All On One Meal Plan

The Perfect Plan For Busy UNC Students

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Save $20 On Your First Franklin Street Meal Plan


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Use Our Meal Swipes  On Franklin Street

Elevate has completely changed my dining experience for the better! Elevate has so many different meal and restaurant options as well as longer hours than on grounds dining halls.
- Kate G


Order On The Go, Pickup When You Arrive (Or Eat In)

I love being able to order ahead of time and have it be ready when I come to pick it up. It’s also great for dining in when you go out to eat with friends.
-Kelsey B


Save Hundreds Of Dollars Because Our Meals Don't Expire

If you’re living off grounds you can’t go wrong with Elevate. You gain access to higher quality food on the Corner that’s less expensive than a school meal plan.
-Misran D


Save $20 On Your First Franklin Street Meal Plan


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