Why We're Different

1. Choose from a huge variety of custom meal combos

2. Preorder meals and skip the line

3. Rollover meals to the following semester and save hundreds of dollars

Charlottesville Restaurants


With everything from healthy salads to late night pizza, we've carefully selected menu options from each restaurant.



Use our app to order ahead and skip the line. Order before you leave class and pickup on your way home! 


Rollover Unused Meals

It's unfair to charge you for unused meals. With Elevate there's no need to scramble to use your meals at the end of the semester. 


Get $15 off your first purchase


Common Questions

+ Is Elevate more expensive than dining halls?

Nope! Save $50 to $100 compared to the traditional dining hall. Our meals also rollover, so you don't lose hundreds of dollars in unused meals.

+ What if I don't use all my meals?

Unlike the UVA dining hall, your meals will rollover to the next semester, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars.

+ What meals can I eat?

Choose from over 300 custom meal combos from Corner restaurants.

+ Can I use my 529 plan for Elevate?

Yes! Request a receipt for reimbursement and fund Elevate with your college spending account

+ Why get elevate instead of paying on my own?

Elevate saves you up to $2 per meal combo. You can order ahead at most restaurants, skip the line, and leave your wallet/cash at home.

Finally, Elevate assures that "food money" is being spent on food, which parents appreciate.

I’ve really enjoyed having Elevate this past semester - it’s been a great option, especially when I need to get a quick lunch without going too far or all the way home. I love that quality meals are almost always available!
— Sarah, 2nd year