Join The Corner Meal Plan

Eat Off-Grounds. Order On The Go, Pickup When You Arrive.


Elevate Meal Plan

  • 18+ off-campus restaurants including Roots & Corner Juice
  • Rollover unused meals, save hundreds of dollars
  • Preorder meals and skip the line
  • Cancel anytime with no fee

UVA Dining Hall

  • Limited and bland meal options
  • Lose hundreds of dollars in unused meals each semester
  • Wait in long lines at dining halls
  • $50 cancellation fee

Get $11 Off Your First Elevate Plan!


Enjoy Student-Favorite Restaurants Including Roots, Corner Juice, and Littlejohn's


Imagine Eating This On Your Meal Plan


Get $11 Off Your First Elevate Plan!

The Elevate Meal Plan has been the most convenient and straightforward meal plan I’ve ever experienced. Huge selection of food and easy ordering, at an affordable price, make the semester a lot less stressful.
— Kareem El-Ghazawi
I absolutely love The Corner Meal Plan. The restaurant selection is awesome and it is extremely easy to order on the app. It is especially useful when I am in a rush and can “Order in Advance” to pick up food on my way to class from my apartment.
— Nicole Cantarelli