Start using meal swipes on The Corner.
And rollover unused meals each semester.
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How Elevate Works
Pick up meals using Elevate credits at Littlejohn's, Roots, Corner Juice, Box'd Kitchen, Trinity, Asado, and much more. We've carefully selected hundreds of menu options so you'll never get tired of the same meal. 
Meals Don't Expire
Unlike the dining hall, Elevate meals don't expire until you graduate.
Save Up To $3 Per Meal
Restaurants regularly offer extra value to attract your business.
Skip The Wait & Pick Up
With one tap, order on the go and pick up on your way to class!
Eat Clean & Healthy
Enjoy salads, grain bowls, smoothies and more. Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly!
Parent Approved
Ensure your money is budgeted towards delicious food, as intended.
Want a free meal? 🥙
Use meal at Roots, Littlejohns, Christian's, Box'd Kitchen, Juice Laundry, Corner Juice, and so much more. Valid with your first meal plan.

Order Ahead
Use our mobile web app to order ahead and pick up your food when you arrive (or sit down with friends).
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